Imagine you could build 100,000 backlinks with your chosen keywords to your chosen content from relevant high pr websites that are not directories and are not websites that you have had to pay for to go on within just over a month from form.

We are pleased to announce that we have created site jump a small light weight piece of script that can be deployed into any website and then manipulated from a central CMS.

Want to try different Keywords it’s just a simple click of a button and all your links will change, want to add in new contextual links or just links to other content not a problem at all.

How Does It Work?

Well it’s all rather secret but so as serps don’t index the same content, content is all scheduled across domains and will randomise through the system based on what the system feels is good content for that website.

The best bit about it is that it does not leave anything to chance, everything is pre-programmed so as the links are not set at the same interval or on the same day, it may set down 300 one day and then say 1 the next it’s completely random. The only thing that is not is your keyword targeting.

It is a microsite system on a grand scale and only using website that are already ranking, ever used a personal blog network? This is 100 times better.

Has It Been Tested?

Yes extensively, not only that but once one link starts to get indexed the rest will start to cascade in, we ran a test on a blank domain and got it ranking within a week for some keywords and the harder keywords jumped into place within the following 3 weeks.

The total time we expect to get good rankings is 10 to 30 weeks. That may seem a long time but in the wo

rld of SEO it is relatively short.

How Is It Achieved?

We do some serious keyword analysis when setting up the system and advise what to start with, we then start deploying the system and keywords across the network. These links are only going onto pages with Domain

Authority of 20 and above, we never deploy these links to anything lower.

You can build your own network which can be targeted off expired domains or using fresh domains and we can rank them up for you much the same way.

Want to know more? Get in touch and we can show you a demo

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