E-Commerce website SEO can be a difficult job when you are trying to juggle products, categories, prices and the hundred other factors you need to take into consideration. SEO is usually the last thing in everyone’s minds.

So what’s needed when it comes to Basix SEO for E-Commerce. 

  1. SEO friendly URLs
  2. Quality meta tagging
  3. Individual Product Backlinks
  4. Good social interactions
  5. Clever clean design

Most e-commerce platforms have the space for all the tagging and setting SEO friendly URLs. 

Pay close attention to global variables that will be set for you don’t set the URLs and tags. You ideally want all your content to be indexed differently. 

If in doubt do a quick Google on your platform to set these up. 

Social links can be a life saver when setting products up. Because you can start by tweeting our products or sharing on Facebook. Gain an audience and you will gain customers. 

E-commerce SEO can be very complex and time consuming so if in doubt hire a professional. Check back soon for some tutorials on E-commerce SEO. 

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